Italian Chair District at ArchMarathon Miami 2017

Chairs and More, Cizeta, Crassevig, Frag, Piaval and Torre are brands of the Italian Chair District specialized in the manufacturing of high quality design seats and furniture complements.

They have entered international markets over the years and each one of them is now recognize for the capability to offer best italian style products responding to the clients requests of customization. Quality is guaranteed by their design, attention to details and manufacturing processes, which are entirely Made-in-Italy style.

From the residential to the office sector, from the marine to the healthcare sector, these brands works with prestigious and international designers to offer to its clients the best combination of Italian tradition and manufacturing innovation.

During ArchMarathon Miami, Chairs and More, Cizeta, Crassevig, Frag, Piaval, Torre will let you discover details and secrets of the best Made in Italy seats and furniture complements.


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