The International Platform project has been launched, the global challenge to protect markets with revolutionary methods

On behalf of Fvg business groups a"sentinel" offices abroad to chair complex markets. The innovative modality of the "International Platform" project conceived by the Furniture / House Fvg Cluster, is starting this month in Singapore at the "National Design Center" ans also in Moscow and Shanghai.


A global challenge that the Furniture / House Cluster  Fvg, further expanding its range of action, faces thanks to a team that will manage on-site relations with Russian and Asian operators, architects, designers, journalists, offering constant and continuous contact with the markets of interest. A guaranteed presence through permanent support offices in prestigious locations that optimizes the costs of promotion of individual companies and reinforces the image of Made in Italy among global players, also involving the complementary sectors of the home system, from furniture to marble, from sitting in the lights.

"The real revolution of this project is that even small and medium-sized companies in our region will be able, from now on, to have a support office shared in strategic nations for the development of the sector" - Franco di Fonzo, president of the  Furniture / House Cluster  Fvg  stated: -. The Cluster will not in any way deal with the commercial penetration of individual companies but, and here is the fundamental point of the project, it will be possible for companies to be part of an international platform through which to receive timely information and news on all the major sites, projects or occasions with which our staff will have direct relationships. It will then be up to the individual company to decide whether or not to deepen the information received, sending its own export manager to undertake the negotiation and open a new commercial channel ".

Numerous companies from the Fvg region have already participated in the International Platform under the aegis of the Furniture / House Fvg Cluster. "A shared customer relationship management that changes the way we communicate with the market - explains Cluster Director Carlo Piemonte -. Thanks to a CRM managed remotely directly by the staff of our satellite offices, we analyze and monitor the activity of our operators on time. In this economic period as well as counting quality, reliability and innovative strength of the products, it is especially worth the ability to always be present on the markets with precise and immediate answers to every question of our potential customers, therefore the International Platform will be there for this reason ".


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